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- New Leaders, New Challenges -
Leadership Articles





 Who we are

Our approach to leadership development

image Crucial Leaders has a passion for working with and developing new leaders. For over 30 years, we have watched leadership development programs roll out based on faulty assumptions about how we learn, how we learn about leadership, and the myth of the individual (“I alone picked myself up by my bootstraps and became what I am today”).  Learn more


How we learn

Leadership skills don't just happen

image Leadership is essential to organizational life. We are all leaders in a sense, even if it is just our own lives. With any decision that we make, we weigh the implications of the choices that are in front of us, and in the end, we accept responsibility for the choices we make.  Learn more



Poor Management

A systems approach

image When I first entered into the workplace, I had the dubious distinction of having truly horrible bosses. They were petty, harsh, immature, and in many cases, unethical towards their employees. Intimidation and sexual harassment were more about power and putting people in their place; a humorous sport. As an employee on the other end of the relationship, I could not only feel my own spirit being crushed on a regular basis, but I witnessed the same in my colleagues as well.  Learn more


Failures of Abraham Lincoln

What we can learn from one our the greatest leaders

image Quite often, we get asked the question, are leaders made or born. The answer is easy. Think about anyone that is considered a good or great leader today. Were they leaders at age one? At age five? Of course not, they grew into leadership roles later in their life.  Learn more