A Message from Steve

Dr. Steve Firmand
imageWhen I first entered into the workplace, I had the dubious distinction of having truly horrible bosses. They were petty, harsh, immature, and in many cases, unethical towards their employees. Sexual harassment wasn't called out as something devastating to employees, so they had that going for them as well.

Watching them, I knew that if I ever went into management, I would not be using them as role models. Over the years however, I came to see the systemic problem with poor management. Was it malicious leaders that purposely exploited their employees?

While not completely absolving these leaders for their faults, I began to recognize the organization's role in developing their leaders. When a person is placed into a leadership role, they are suddenly put into a place where the rules change, their ability to affect people is greater (both good and bad), and they impact the team culture setting the tone for behavioral norms. They are the biggest factor in the organization's performance.

In some respect, watching poor leaders fecklessly trying to lead, I developed an interest and passion for trying to improve this dynamic. While designing and developing leadership programs, I was also working to complete my doctorate of Management in Organizational Leadership. This enabled me to bring the academic foundations into the practical application of teaching novices in leadership.

New leaders and hi-potential non-supervisory candidates for leadership are naturally curious about the leadership role. I believe that they want to be great leaders, but it is a learning process; a journey where there is no end. We are just trying to learn how to become better.

Over 20+ years, I have been designing leadership programs. It is critical that organizations prepare leaders to be successful at their leadership roles. The SLDP does just that - provides an organization's newer leaders with a strong foundation to build their careers upon.