Personal guidance in your career growth
imageThe whole concept of organizational coaching has dramatically shifted in the last twenty years. Coaching was once considered the last intervention an organization could choose to use to salvage an employee that was struggling. That contributed to a negative stigma and when you were given a coach, people saw the symbolism of that relationship.

Today however, we often see coaching as a pro-active measure used to accelerate a leader's journey to maturity. It has evolved to symbolize an organization's aspirational hopes for an employee, an investment in both the employee and organization's future.

Coaching has evolved in another way as well. Neuroscience research has provided coaches with new insights about how we learn. Older coaching models typically performed well, but they missed a great deal of the underlying cognitive levers of change.

Crucial Leaders offers coaching by Brain-Based Certified (BBC) coaches. This certification comes from the Neuroleadership Institute and has been shown to be much more effective than traditional coaching methodologies.

Brain-based coaching utilizes a 12-meeting approach that alerts the coachee to new ways to identify and understand their challenges. More importantly, BBC teaches coachees to make internal connections and learn how to learn.

Crucial Leaders also utilizes a more comprehensive process throughout this journey. In addition to administering a 360 assessment, we meet with the key partners to the coaching process to enlist their support in driving the outcomes they need to see.

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