Summary of Assessment Services
imageWhen leaders are struggling with the leadership role, assessments that provide feedback and a glimpse one’s hidden self can be extremely helpful. Crucial Leaders administers several assessments, followed by a 60-minute, 1/1 coaching session.

The Hogan Assessment Battery

The Hogan Personality Index (HPI) – The HPI is often used to draw out and identify one’s personality. It also frames how the leader’s personality is received by others, their strengths and weaknesses.

Hogan Development Survey (HDS) – The HDS measures the darker side of our personality. This tends to come out when we are under duress. The HDS is insightful because it alerts us to how we show up to others when we are stressed out. These career derailers emerge when we are unable to manage our public image.

Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory (MVPI) – the MVPI measures our personality from the inside. What drives us? What energizes and motivates us? This assessment is especially valuable for understanding the kinds of work and work environments that align well with who we are.

The 360 Multi-Rater

Leaders often benefit from getting feedback from others when it can done in a safe manner. The 360 is based on the JoHari Window and provides insight into the way others see us, both the positive and negative aspects of our leadership.

The 360 is often a transformational experience for the leader. Aggregated and confidential feedback from direct reports, from peers, and from our direct supervisors provide a comprehensive picture of the hidden side of the way we show up to others as leaders.

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