Emerging Leader Program

Summary of the Emerging Leader Program
imageThe ELP is oriented to high-potential, non-supervisory employees who are considering a move into leadership. The modules facilitate reflection and conversations about the leadership role, answering the question: Is this a good transition for me at this point in my career?

Similar to the SLDP, the ELP is a facilitator-led leadership program that runs over 9 months. It includes a Mentoring module and two professional coaching sessions.

The difference is primarily in the assessments: The Hogan Assessments replace the 360, incorporating four (4) assessments: HDS, HPS, MVPI, as well as the Bar-On EQi 2.0. [The Hogans are self-rater instruments].

Who is this series targeted to? Both individuals and organizations may find this series beneficial. Individuals who are considering a career path into leadership, -organizations that want to provide their non-supervisory employees a pre-leadership learning track.

The ELP is also a turn-key solution for medium and smaller-sized organizations.

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