Supervisory Leadership Development Program

Summary of the Supervisory Leadership Development Program
imageThe SLDP is designed as a 9-module, facilitator-led leadership development program that runs about 10-months. The standardized program includes a Mentoring module, two professional coaching sessions, and two assessments: a multi-rater 360 and the Bar-On, EQi 2.0.

The cohort is limited to 10-13 learners. Individuals are welcomed to register, but Organizational decision makers might find value in the SLDP as a standardized onboarding program for new supervisors.

Who is this series targeted to? Medium and smaller organizations struggle with how to develop their new supervisors. They may not have a stand-alone learning department or function. The SLDP represents a turn-key solution to get the supervisors started on a standardized and timely supervisory development journey.

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2023-2024 ELP and SLDP Cohort Schedule