SLDP Overview

Overview of the Supervisory Leader Development Program
imageThe Supervisory Leader Development Program (SLDP) is a 10-month, synchronous, online program for new supervisors. The program might also have relevance to supervisors who have led teams for a few years, but never had the developmental attention ahead of moving into that role.

Unfortunately, it is too common to see individuals placed into roles they are not prepared for. The cost is often obscured, but the end result can be seen by higher turnover rates, lower engagement scores, increased toxicity in the culture, poor overall performance, and failed outcomes.

In this section, we'll discuss four key aspects of the SLDP:

  • Program objectives
  • KEY roles
  • Curriculum
  • Program Details and ROI

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    Video Overview of the Supervisory Leadership Development Program

    2023-2024 ELP and SLDP Cohort Schedule